LOVE SONG, just for YOU

Your Name built into the Melody
click into (>) in the picture and listen to the melody:

The melody wich you hear while watching the video
will be used, however the vocals will be changed.
A computer generated voice will say any name, according to your wish.
The winner of the auction tells me the name, it must be a short one.
If the name of the person to whom you want to dedicate the song
is too long, please tell me a short nickname of the person.
I will create a computer-voice with the name and merge the name
with the melody. You must accept my creation as I compose it.
Please allow 1 week to create your special song.
Song will be delivered by e-mail as MP3-file.

If you want to have an Audio CD or a Music-Video on DVD
please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for possibilities.
However, your extra wishes will be charged. We will agree on price.

A Song like this can be used as a special Birthday Present
or Love-Song dedicated to Mom for MOM's day or any loved person.
If you tell me any short words like "you are the winner",
I will try to merge them in the melody.
However, there is no guarantee it will work.

Auctionsprice to be payed by Paypal right after endo of auction.
No shipping cost, delivered by mail

Please also look at my other auctions.

Emotionizer, Rita

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